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Services of bleaching, dyeing, processing of fabrics in Tashkent.

Our company provides services for dyeing and bleaching, impregnation, calendering, siliconization of various fabrics with a density from 40 g / m2 to 300 g / m2, width from 80 cm to 220 cm.

We process fabrics from cotton, silk, linen, mixed (cotton — viscose, silk-viscose, polyester-cotton).

The dyeing capacity of our enterprise is from 3000 kg of fabric per day.

Depending on the client’s preference, the specialists of our company will develop the most optimal dyeing method, as well as offer modern options for fabric processing. The minimum order for bleaching or dyeing for one color is at least 200 kg. The maximum load for one batch is 1200 kg of fabric.

After bleaching and dyeing, the fabric undergoes a widening and flattening procedure on a tumble dryer.

Our equipment allows you to dye fabrics and canvases in any Pantone Matching System, at the request of the client.

In addition, we can do the following types of finishing technology:

— Selikonization,

— Water-repellent impregnation VO,

— Oil-water-repellent impregnation MVO,

— Antibacterial impregnation,

— Antistatic impregnation.

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